Hola! I’m Esther, a Venezuelan woman, now living in beautiful Australia and today I want to share with you how I ended up on this golden road…


I’ve been traveling around the world and sneaking in big gymnastics events, books, seminars and workshops with the sole purpose of discovering what the great champions of the world do to unleash their full potential and achieve everything they want.


Every kilometre of this journey has been wonderful, but I have to admit that every 100 metres, I get caught up in my highs and very lows, and sometimes it´s not fun BUT, I found out the “mystery formula” to live the happiest and fullest life that we all want!


Yes, that formula exists and I’m going to tell you everything about it.

But first... Let me be honest with you.

Life is not all rosy because there is more than one color

and that's what makes each part of your story so fascinating.

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During my gymnastics career (17 years to be exact) I experienced the honeys of success, the gold medals, the recognition and even a little bit of fame, and it was delicious, but I also got a high dose of rejection, an inferiority complex, lack of self-confidence, anxiety, perfectionism, the love-hate relationship with food, lack of passion for what I was doing, and the terrible “I do it for the money”.

Yes, the life of a high-performance athlete is not all rosy, and what comes after that it is not either… or maybe it is!

When I had to close down the curtains of my sports career I took with me the “not so useful things” and these were messing around with my life all the time!

No matter what I did, I wasn’t feeling satisfied or fulfilled. Too much stress and perfectionism and too much desire for pleasing everyone, it was exhausting…  Until one day this question popped up in my head…


A little voice in me said… Just WIN.

And that whisper became a roar!


And so, thanks to that question, I’ve been discovering the most powerful tools in the world to help us become more perseverant, fighters and dreamers.

“Wherever your mind goes, your steps should go too”

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I surrounded myself with inspirational books, champion’s photos, quotes, stories, I started to follow the journey of the most successful people, and I created my golden dream. After that, I learned what winning truly means and it’s just about living in gratitude, to do what you feel passionate about, to serve your mission, and love with all your heart.

This is the step by step to achieve everything you want in life! And then what? Well, I studied and got my certification as a Life and Sports Coach with an awesome school, and I did it because I needed to find more answers and tools to help not only myself, but others.

Thanks to that top experience, I got immersed in the personal growth and human behavioural world, and I’ve been studying everything I can to help you transform your hunger for greatness into great achievements, and live your true mission with love and happiness.

  • The personal development section in bookstores should be called
  • “How To Make Your Dreams Come True” or “Become the Champion of your life TODAY”
  • All the power we need is within us
  • Life is the most spectacular and extreme sport in the world
  • We can all be Olympic Champions
  • Kind of girly but, love is the most powerful energy in the world
  • The ones with hunger for true greatness will gain more.

In this world that goes as fast as Usain Bolt, to be at the top, you have to train as if you were at the top already, and for that I share with you all the lessons of the most amazing champions around the world and everything that I’ve been learning and creating exclusively for you through my blog, newsletter, face-to-face and online workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions.

Now is the time to stop the excuses, put your eyes on the prize and take your champion’s life to the next level.

I’m glad you know a bit more about my story. My biggest dream is to contribute to making the world a better and happier place for all of us and the generations to come and for that I need your help!

Let’s start by remembering that you my friend, were born to succeed! The time for you to unleash your true power, nature, and champion, is now.

You are ready!

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My Golden Secrets

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  • I collect pins, magnets, mugs from different countries and stamps in my passport
  • I get really angry when I’m hungry, like a baby!
  • All I ever wanted was to be an Olympian, that’s why I became an Olympic Volunteer
  • To me money = flight tickets to see the world
  • My mom has been calling me My Champion since I can remember
  • Team Work is really important to me, for that I created The Gold Medal Team. Join Us!
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To share The Gold Medal message and philosophy all around the world, is Esther’s biggest dream.

She believes that we can all be Champions by learning how to unleash our true power, find our real passion and follow our core values.

Her experience as a high-performance gymnast helps her to create an interactive style full of anecdotes, true facts, and easy to apply tools to guide her audience in a new golden journey to unlock their true potential and enjoy their path.

Some of Esther’s favorite topics to speak on are related to improving the relationship between parents, coaches and athletes, sports values and tools for everyday life, the balance between hard work and joy, meditation and relaxation, finding your big “Why” and life purpose, overcoming anxiety and limiting-beliefs, cultivating a mindset to win, plan and achieve your life and sports goals, creating stronger teams and keeping the focus and motivation to become a champion.

She is available for bookings for educational talks in schools and sports clubs, workshops, conferences, webinars, podcasts and keynote presentations.

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