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1:1 Coaching Sessions

Get ready to perform at your highest level!

You feel ready to achieve more, but are not really sure about how or where to start.

By working together, you can get the clarity and tools you need for that 1,2,3 GO! Let’s go from a “good life” to an “extraordinary life” and start to write your Golden Story, I’ll be with you all the way.


Speaking and Events

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It’s my mission to share with you all the secrets to

unleash your power!

Some of my favourite topics to speak on include tips and tools for sports parents and coaches, applying sports values to our everyday life, becoming a champion in life and sports, finding your life purpose, creating stronger teams, creating goals to set you free, and more.

Contact me for more info.


Workshop for Rhythmic Gymnasts

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Beyond your body, let’s train your mind and

soul to Unleash your full potential.

In this ½ day workshop you will learn how to win first in your mind, easy tips and tools to help you improve your performance, overcome fears and anxiety before and during competition, find the balance between hard work and rest, and enjoy your journey as a gymnast. Contact me for more info and dates.

Private workshops for junior and senior groups.


Sports Parents Workshop

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Because all you want is to see your kid thrive.

Our first coaches are mom and dad, that’s why in this workshop we will go through a journey to help you create the best support environment for your athlete at home. With some extra tips and tools, we can continue the training with love, joy and discipline.

Let’s create a full family of Champions!

Contact me for more info and dates.


The Champions Year 2018

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It’s never too late to start planning your goals

and dreams.

Get my 2018 digital calendar for free! It comes with a 15 minute discovering session to learn how to set your goals, create your plan and take massive action.

It’s Free!


The Golden Week

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One step at a time!

Just be sure that each step takes you in the direction of your dreams. My weekly planner will keep your eyes on the prize so you can take massive action every day!

Contact me for more info and dates.



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Shop your favorites and keep Inspired!

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my tips, tricks, news, freebies and more?

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