You know that you want more…

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One of the most real things in this world is that WE NEED EACH OTHER to make amazing things happen, and another real thing is that

EVERYBODY NEEDS A COACH, Why? Because Life is the most difficult and exciting sport in the world.

What for?

Let me tell you some things that we probably share… Improving and get better at what you do feels like a natural process for you and that’s why you

want more and settling is not an option, you know you are here for a reason and you want to succeed… but is not that easy, right?

“I want this but, why I can’t make it happen? What’s wrong with me? Why do I feel so stuck? Is this all?”

I know, you want to be the greatest version of yourself,

but sometimes you don’t know why is so hard even though you know


To break that freaking circle that is not helping you move forward, we all need to start by breaking old patterns and find our real answers with

powerful questions, and that my friend, is a 2 man job.

Whether you are reading new books or blogs, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos or going to seminars and masterclasses, you are

trying to find the answers, because you know success leaves clues and you want guidance or an idea of where and how to start.

Am I getting close in here?

Despite all the fears, insecurities, excuses, limiting beliefs, blocks, doubts, and even anxiety, (Yeap, I feel those too) I truly believe You were born to

WIN, to be a Champion! To shine! Yes, I do! And we can overcome all of that, together!

Yes, together we will design a new plan to help you achieve your goals in life or in sports. We are going to make you move forward on a journey to

release your full potential and start to live every day of your life with joy and passion.

This program is for you if…

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  • You are ready to make the biggest commitment in your life with… Yourself, to transform your dreams into your reality.
  • You have a deep desire for improvement in your everyday life, but not sure how or where to start.
  • You are ready to thrive, to succeed, to get rid of all the fears and excuses that had been holding you back from achieving what you really desire.
  • You want to move forward and connect with your real essence even though you are freaking out because you know there is more in you that
  • needs to be unleashed.
  • You are tired of the self and external pressure, the perfectionism, the constant hard work without joy, rest or even balance.
  • You want to “play the game” with honesty, respect, passion, and excellence understanding that this is a lifetime journey and a constant learning and acting experience.

And probably this is not for you if…

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  • You are not ready to commit to yourself and this journey. Commitment is an essential key to help us keep moving when things become
  • difficult.
  • You are looking for quick solutions and not willing to do the inner work. Sometimes we need to go deeper to know what we really want and that
  • takes time.
  • You don’t feel ready to apply new tools or techniques in order to help you improve and achieve your goals.
  • You don’t feel ready to take full responsibility for your life and actions.

If you feel ready to transform what you’ve been living so far in a new

awesome journey, to reach the next level, find your true balance and achieve

your dreams, then 1:1 coaching will give the guidance and clarity you need.

As humans, we learn to punish ourselves for our mistakes, and most of the time, we don’t celebrate our achievements. We know we must work hard and make “sacrifices” and we forget to enjoy and push through those obstacles by making an “Effort”.


This was me during and after my gymnastics career until I hit the bottom, and thanks to that, 6 years ago I decided to immerse myself in the personal development world, to find out a new healthier and exciting way of living.


Since then I’ve been teaching myself how to live like a Champion every day of my life applying the sports values, the discipline, and the commitment I had learned, but also adding new ingredients like passion, purpose, forgiveness, and joy, and that’s what my Coaching Program is about, plus much more.


As a Coach, my goal is not to tell you how to live your life, but guide through a journey of self-discovering to unlock your true potential by implementing new tools and habits.


You will experience a lot of the sporty side of life to make you feel and think like the WINNER you already are, and I’ll be with you all the way supporting, mentoring and cheering you up. Wuju!

Let’s do this together!

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  • Initial Questionnaire and Workbook. These tools are going to be your first guide on our journey together. Prior our first session, you will send
  • this material to me to set the bases of our work.
  • 1 x 30 Minutes Starting Session. In this first session, we will explore and review your previous work in order to set an action plan.
  • Packages.
  • Every 2 weeks we will have our 1:1 session. We will check on your plan, results, and new ideas to help you keep moving forward.
  • Options:
  • 1) 3 x 60 minutes – (1 month)
  • 2) 6 x 60 minutes – (2 to 3 Months)
  • 3) 9 x 60 minutes – (3 to 5 Months)
  • Additional Email Support. We will be in touch to help you keep going in case you need an extra push or you have questions.
  • 1 x 60 Minutes follow up Session. For you to review your results, check back and get support.
  • Your Investment:
  • 3 x 60 Minutes – $240 AUD      |      6 x 60 Minutes – $440 AUD      |       9 x 60 Minutes – $680 AUD

You know it’s time… You Know YOU ARE READY!

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